DYPALL Network’s busy May days – Part 3: Conference / Round Table ‘Youth, Democracy and Local Power’ and opening of the ‘YP Lab’

Also in 18 May, in the Lisbon Youth Centre (IPDJ), from 6h p.m. DYPALL Network held the Conference ‘Youth, Democracy and Local Power’. Representatives of institutions, research centres as well as local authorities and CSOs, working specifically on these themes were present and also actively participating in this gathering.  We had the support in this event not only from IPDJ, but also the Portuguese National Youth Council (CNJ).

This event also comprised the   official opening of the ‘YP Lab’, which will serve as a programme development and resource centre of DYPALL Network in Lisbon.

round table was also accomplished in the works of the conference, having integrated different stakeholders in the field of youth participation at local level that will discuss the importance of including youth in decision making processes and share their experiences in the field.

In the context of these discussions, youth from 17 to 24 years old, where their learning path, perspectives and experience on youth participation and involvement was shared with an audience representing municipalities and organizations both from Portugal and other European countries.