GamifyEU Ideathon: What if you were in charge of the EU for 48 hours?

When? From Friday 26th March at 18:27 CET to Sunday 28th March at 18.27 CET
Where? Online, on Zoom & Gathertown
Who can participate? Young people aged 16-30 from anywhere in Europe
Where to apply?
Deadline to apply: 19th March, 23:59 CET

Join us for a 48h adventure in which young people take charge! Enter a collaborative challenge together with your peers from all over Europe and show us what the European Union of your dreams would look like. 

With the support of facilitators you will enter into an experiential learning journey in which you will build solutions for different challenges the EU is facing. Much like a hackathon, in this Ideathon you will engage in a creative-thinking, solution-finding process during which you will learn new things, develop an idea, prepare a pitch and compete with the other participants, all the while working as a team.

We will use different online platforms and tools, there will be gamification, interactive workshops, inspiring speakers and a whole lot of fun. 

Check out the programme here.

Can I apply as an individual or as a team? Both options are possible. If you already have a team, you can apply all together. If not, you can apply individually and we will make teams at the start of the event.

Do I need to come with an idea? No, at the beginning of the event we will form teams based on topics of your interest and then you will start developing your idea with the support of the facilitators.

Am I expected to be online for 48h straight? You can if you and your team want to, but it is not mandatory. We will have different moments during the 48h in which we will be all together online as well as moments for you to work in your teams and to have some rest. 

Do I need to have any special skills? No, just an open mind and team spirit.


Ideathon is organised by YEU International and DYPALL Network in the framework of GamifyEU project. Check more at