#hearyourvoices : testimonies of our Members


The Municipality of Portimão, challenged by the local NGO ECOS – Cooperativa de Educação, Cooperação e Desenvolvimento, decided to join the Network since its very beginning with the intuition that it was the way to develop a new culture of youth participation in decision-making on all matters related to young people as well as to give dynamism to the Local Youth Council of the city.
Through our involvement in the work of the Network, namely the various work meetings, meetings of youth workers, seminars, and trainings, the Municipality of Portimão understood that many of the challenges we face working with young people and their participation in the community are common and shared by most of the partners of DYPALL, whether they are local authorities but also NGOs, youth associations, etc. Finally, sharing of good practices and strategies for the development of structures of youth participation are the real added value to build capacity of technical staff and youth workers but also of managers and politicians.
It is important to promote youth participation through processes of consultations that allow debates and exchange of opinions with young people, youth associations and local authorities, as well as through designing and deciding upon strategies and policies for the development of the local territory.

Ana Fazenda, Counsellor for Youth of the Municipality of Portimão

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