Council of Europe’s Enter! Long Term Training Course 2017-2018 just started…

The youth sector of the Council of Europe initiated in 2009 the project Enter! Access to Social Rights for Young People, which according to the information provided in their official website, aims at “developing youth policy and youth work responses to situations of exclusion, discrimination and violence affecting young people, particularly in multicultural disadvantaged neighbourhoods. The project promotes young people’s access to social rights as a means for their inclusion and participation in society.”

Like in previous years, for the 2017-2018 cycle, this project envisions the implementation of a long term training course (LTTC) for 30 youth workers to implement the Enter! Recommendation through projects in partnership with local authorities within a European and intercultural context provided by the European Youth Centres.

The LTTC has the following phases:

  • Initial seminar (Budapest, 21 – 29 May 2017)
  • Project development
  • E-learning – Mentoring – Networking
  • Evaluation seminar (Strasbourg, June 2018)

Our partner, the Center for Intercultural Dialogue from the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, has one of its staff members benefitting from this LTTC. After participating in the initial seminar in Budapest, her feedback on this first experience was that it was a great opportunity to meet participants that have a good collaboration with their local municipalities – for example Norway, the Netherlands, Portugal, Spain, Moldova, as well as Russia – and it was a great opportunity to start brainstorming on possible collaborations.







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