DYPALL was represented this Tuesday, 3rd of October 2017, at the inauguration session of the Youth Participative Budget 2017, promoted by the Portuguese Government. This national initiative aims to deliver the management of a stake of the State’s annual budget to the hands of youth, so they can contribute, by means of their projects, to good governance and democratic consolidation. As stated by the Minister of Education, Mr. Tiago Brandão Rodrigues, this initiative aims to give more voice to “youth as strategic political actors for the development of the Country”.

The YPB 2017 is part of a broader strategy which includes as similar initiatives, for instance, the School Participative Budget and the Municipalities Participative Budget. For the YPB 2017, will become available €300 000 for projects to be developed in the areas of Inclusive Sports, Education for Sciences, Social Innovation and Environmental Sustainability.

DYPALL was represented at the inauguration session, alongside with the Ministers and Secretary of State of Education and Culture, Members of the National Parliament and representatives from Municipalities and several Youth Organizations, including the President of the Portuguese National Youth Council, Hugo Carvalho.

Introduced to the audience by the Secretary of State to Youth and Sports, Mr. João Paulo Rebelo, the YPB 2017 is compromises the following definition and agenda:

_ What is the YPB 2017? Process of democratic participation through which the youth community is called to manage the implementation of a stake of the annual State budget;

_ Who can apply? Young citizens and non-citizens with permit of residence in Portugal, with ages between 14 and 30 years old;

_ Areas: Inclusive Sports, Education for Sciences, Social Innovation and Environmental Sustainability;

_ Criteria: the project cannot refer to the building of infrastructures; it must to be technically feasible; it cannot counter any planned or ongoing public policy; it must involve at least two municipalities.

_ Deadlines: 

  •    19th of October 2017 – Submission of applications;
  •    30th of October – 26th of November – Assessment of the applications;
  •    27th of November – Voting process (by sms or through the website);
  •    26th of December – Announcement of the results.

Applications can be submitted, in person at each Regional Directorate of Instituto Português do Desporto e da Juventude, or through the website of the initiative –

By the time of the closing speech, it was announced that 5 proposals had been already submitted through YPB 2017 website.

The Minister of Education addressing the panel composed by distinguished representatives from the areas covered by the YPB 2017. Moderation by Carla Rocha (Rádio Renascença).

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