Online Course On ERASMUS+ Communication

Massive Open on-line Course (MOOC): Communication in action: communicational strategies and resources for Erasmus Plus projects

E-learning 22-26 May 2017 | On-line, Spain

Deadline: 7 May 2017

Organized by the Spanish National Agency, this MOOC on social communication is dedicated to disseminate good practices in the field of communication strategies for Erasmus Plus projects, to recognize and use them as a resource and reference point for the next generations of youth projects.

Participants of the MOOC will have an opportunity to learn good practices on communication from their colleagues, to reflect on them, to analyze their own communicational work and afterwards to improve it. The participants of the MOOC will receive theoretical and practical information according thematic blocks:
1. Communicational strategies for Erasmus + projects.
2. Target groups for the implementing communicational strategies for Erasmus + projects.
3. Communicational tools and resources for Erasmus + projects.
4. Good practices of the communication of Erasmus + projects.

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