Tools for facilitating online meetings

When working remotely, it is vital to keep a constant and efficient communication between the team members, and to be able to facilitate meetings in a way that makes everybody comfortable and participative.

This gamified tools take bring non formal education methods into online meetings and develop a more effective work relation, even if on screen.

Mentimeter is a great tool for making presentations more interactive through a set of easy-to-build polls, quizzes, word clouds and real-time built-in analysis.
A presenter can use this tool to engage the audience to actively participate in the presentation through their mobile phones or personal computers. The audience can vote in polls, answer questions, solve quizzes or make suggestions, and the answers can be seen and facilitated in a real-time.
Great for both live presentations and remote meetings and courses.


Kahoot! is a simple application for creating and managing quizzes, both in-face and remote. The participants can solve the quiz using their mobile phones or personal computers.
It allows the moderator to quickly check the knowledge of the participants in an interactive, entertaining way. A quick analysis of the quiz results allows the trainers to select those participants with the best answers or explain better the topic, that was especially difficult for the participants.


Jamboard is a tool available as part of the G Suite from Google. It is an interactive whiteboard, that can be shared and edited by many users at the same time.
It allows writing, drawing, sticking sticky notes or pasting pictures. It can be used for facilitating online trainings with many participants, to gather ideas or cooperate. One of the easy-to-use solutions that allow non formal education to go online.

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