Challenges of participation in Latin America and the Caribbean

From the 4th to the 8th of December 2017, DYPALL Network was represented in Buenos Aires (Argentina), for the Seminar “Retos de la participación en Latinoamérica y Caribe” (Challenges of participation in Latin America and the Caribbean), organized within the context of the Erasmus + KA 2 project “AYNI: Building capacities from global to local not leaving anyone behind”, implemented by the Spanish National Youth Council (CJE) in cooperation with the Portuguese National Youth Council (CNJ), the Foro Latinoamericano y Caribeño de Juventudes (FLACJ), the MIRIM Brasil, the Asociación para la Promoción de los Derechos del Niño y del Adolescente (APDENA – Argentina), the Cauce Ciudadano (México) and the Grupo Génesis Panamá Positivo (Panamá).

In the follow-up of the first meeting held in September 2017, in Mollina (Spain), this Seminar is part of the preparatory work for the implementation of an e-learning training course on political advocacy to take place in January/February 2018. It counted in total with 30 participants, youth workers from the respective countries involved, and it was the last moment for the represented stakeholders to reflect and share ideas before the e-learning scheme to take place.

The programme included a first moment of lecture, facilitated by Carlos Cruz (Cauce Ciudadano), on the concepts and models of youth participation in Latin America and Caribbean regions combined with field actions, such as the visit to the Asociación Madres Plaza de Mayo, in which the participants had the chance to contact directly with some topics of the social reality of the youth in Argentina.

On a second moment, there was time for stakeholders to share the developments made with regards to the four modules foreseen for the online training course and to exchange perspectives and expectations regarding the contents and the outcomes. The project will be implemented until middle 2018 with a job shadowing meeting schedule for after the e-leanring training course, in Madrid (Spain), and the closing and evaluation session to take place in june 2018 in Panama.

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