DYPALL Network becomes a referral partner of Tech To The Rescue

Recent developments in youth work show that Information and Communications Technology (ICT) can have a great positive impact on the sector, providing solutions to existing problems, increasing the availability of youth work services, boosting the learning process, and improving follow-up strategies. The number of technological projects led by non-governmental organisations from the youth sector has grown significantly last few years, and DYPALL Network has been part of this process. From this experience, we learned that solid ICT projects could not be developed without the support of experienced professionals and, usually, significant investments, which are rarely affordable for civil-society organisations, even with the support of European grants.

Fortunately, there are organisations which provide solutions to these problems.

We proudly announce that DYPALL Network has become a referral partner of Tech To The Rescue.

Tech To The Rescue is a global platform connecting NGOs and technology companies. It selects digital projects in the social sector and finds companies willing to implement them pro bono or low bono. Currently, over 1400 companies and 720 NGOs from 5 continents are part of the community, and over 250 impactful projects have been launched. The initiative started with the aim of uniting technology companies and sharing resources to help nonprofits and NGOs address the challenges arising from the COVID -19 pandemic, and continues successfully until now, offering both general matchings (for non-profits from any sector) and targetted campaigns, such as #AnimalWelfare, #TechForClimate and #TechForUkraine. Read more here.

As a referral partner, DYPALL Network will spread information about the initiative among its member organisations, organise dedicated webinars and ensure Tech To The Rescue about the non-profit character of the referred project.

In exchange, organisations referred by DYPALL Network will automatically receive a “verified” status, which shortens their way to be matched with an IT partner. Moreover, DYPALL Network will be automatically informed about all targeted campaigns organised by the initiative.

It’s not a discovery that the non-profit sector can highly benefit from the expertise of their colleagues from the business. We are glad that initiatives like this exist, and we will be thrilled to support it through our contacts and benefit from what it offers.

In April, after Erasmus+ deadlines, we will invite anyone who’s interested to join a webinar dedicated to Tech To The Rescue and the opportunities it offers for the youth sector.

In the meantime, we are working on our first project proposal to be submitted – an internal platform for DYPALL Network members.

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