INJUVE – Call for participants for Seminar “Inclusion of Migration Policies in Youth Platforms”

INJUVE, the Spanish National Agency, launches the call for participants for the Seminar “Inclusion of Migration Policies in Youth Platforms”

14-19 March 2017 | Mollina, Malaga, Spain

Deadline: 5 February 2017

By gathering young migrants, diaspora representatives and people involved in youth organizations, this seminar aims to share, discuss and elaborate specific policies to integrate young migrants and refugees into youth platforms.

Migration nowadays is one of the hottest topics. Both governments and civil society are struggling to tackle the inclusion of migrants and refugees, especially youth who are often double-excluded. This seminar intends to work on common solutions, advocate for inclusive societies and bring forward specific policies to promote the inclusion of young migrants and refugees through a Structured-Dialogue-based methodology.

The main aim of the activity is to increase the capacity of stakeholders in the Youth Field (Youth Councils, Youth Institutes/DGs, etc.) to include young migrants and refugees in their policies and to combat xenophobia and discrimination from early stages.


• To analyse similarities and differences in the situation of young migrants and refugees in the policies carried out in each country and with reference to Youth Rights.

• To create a common strategy to influence migration policies through a Rights-Based approach, while promoting the concept of “Youth Rights”.

• To share good practices in welcoming policies for migrants and refugees, specially attending to their impact on the target population (youth) of the platforms in each country.

• To empower the participants and their National Youth Councils to use and promote the Structured Dialogue and KA3-projects as a tool for reaching young migrants in order to address decision makers.

• To highlight the perspective of young migrants and the issues related to their situation.

• To contribute to develop a more inclusive Erasmus+ programme with regard to migration.

Based on inclusive peer-to-peer methods, the general approach of the meeting will provide an appropriate space where to share, learn and debate for youth leaders from youth platforms in European countries especially interested in including young migrants. Special attention will be payed to the situation of young refugees.

The conclusions of this seminar are meant to reach youth platforms and national authorities, among other stakeholders, to support them being more open to pluralism and inclusion of young migrants and refugees.

Read the draft programme and follow the application procedure in the SALTO page of the Conference


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