Partnership Building Activity “Gamestorming: Gamification in Youth Information” in Barcelona

Between 14th and 20th November representatives of DYPALL Network participated in a Partnership Building Activity “Gamestorming: Gamification in Youth Information,” which took place in Barcelona (Spain) and was organised by La Vibria Intercultural under the Erasmus+ Programme.

The activity hosted 35 participants and was a great opportunity to network and build interesting partnerships with organisations representing 17 member states of the European Union.

It was also a platform to learn more about the application of gamification methodologies in youth work and existing tools and good practices in this field. The participants had an opportunity to experience youth work oriented escape rooms, board games, digital tools and VR experiences., designed to provide information on particular topics. Moreover, participants could try designing their own games, tools and solutions, which can be used to bring information to young people in a nicer, more engaging and more adjusted way.

Participation in this activity is in line with our other project: “GAME+ – Growth and Access for Millennials of Erasmus+”, which aims to create an innovative digital tool Learnus+ that supports activities created by youth workers by applying a gamification layer to the learning processes of young people.

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