First Iberian Meeting of Municipality Youth Departments

1st Iberian Meeting of Municipality Youth Departments

“Youth policies are an integral and crucial part of municipality management. We want to reinforce the institutional component, making of Braga a reference point for what these policies should look like in the future” Ricardo Rio, Mayor of Braga

Encontro_iberico_2On June 9, ECOS and DYPALL had the opportunity to share the experience on local and regional youth policy design and implementation together with representatives of more than 30 municipalities from Portugal and Spain, in what was the first ever event with this scope. The Mayor of Braga underlined the importance of sharing experiences and identifying good practices to strengthen the efforts of local authorities towards youth, to support Municipalities in creating new innovative strategies and to ensure that this commitment continues.

This event demonstrates the momentum and importance that local youth work within municipalities is gaining,  reinforcing the importance of thinking about youth in a “policy dimension” also at local level.




The event took place in the framework of  Braga 2016 Ibero-American Youth Capital, we had the opportunity to share and get acquainted with different best practices but also to network with future partners.

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