A Network that never stops

In DYPALL Network we believe and we are aware of the unique input that each one of the members brings to our joint work.

Together, we aim at involving young people in decision-making processes at local level, and thus enabling municipal and regional authorities to address the needs and interests of youth, to engage young people as active actors of problem-solving and to increase their level of ownership, commitment and involvement.

This ambitious work does not stop even during these difficult times. On the contrary, each member has activated their skills and expertise to support civil society and public authorities, and to bring knowledge, experiences and relief where needed.

Every Friday we will explore some of the innovative ideas that the Network members have put into practice to overcome this moment, so that they could serve as inspiration to develop even more!

If you are interested in reproducing an initiative, you can contact us, or the organization and/or municipality directly involved.


Habitat Association (Turkey)

Habitat Association came together with other 11 organization to organize a Coronathon, a hackathon that brought together 80 entrepreneurs to produce innovative solutions in social and logistic terms to the consequences of the SARS-CoV-2 outbreak.
This Turkish initiative awarded 12 initiatives on different technology and readiness levels, with the economical and logistical support (money, business development support, mentoring, cloud computing support) of both private and governmental institutions and organizations.

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Active Bulgarian Society (Bulgaria)
Chat Club

CHAT CLUB is an initiative made by a group of volunteers living in Blagoevgrad, aimed at integrating the local community and meeting new people. The initiative is supported by Active Bulgarian Society.

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Detská Organizácia FÉNIX (Slovakia)
Daily Plans

Reading, crafts, moving around, dancing, watching movies, learning a new skill.. There is no end to the different activities that Detská Organizácia FÉNIX is promoting on their website. Each day a new set of activities, with pictures and downloadable instructions.

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Las Niñas del Tul (Spain)
Neighborhood support groups

The Spanish organization is collecting on their Facebook page initiatives of neighborhood support within the local community. From groceries to daily tasks, the different communities in Granada are trying to support each other, and Las Niñas del Tul is there to inform how people can take part.

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Municipality of Cascais (Portugal)
Helpline for senior citizens

Many municipalities within the Network are organizing helpline for senior citizens. The Municipality of Cascais has dedicated helplines by geographical area for citizens above 65 years of age. The line has volunteers available to do groceries, bring medicines, or simply relieve loneliness.

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Municipality of Fundão (Portugal)
Pool of volunteers

Some municipalities are even creating heterogenous pools of volunteers, like in the case of the Municipality of Fundão. The call is particularly targeting people below 50 years old, who have expertise in different areas; some of the main areas of support are: pharmacy and medicines, nursing and home care, psychology, geriatric care, social service technicians, animation and entertainment, between others.

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