Climbing the Ladder: fostering a culture of Youth Engagament (CL-YE)

The objectives of the project are to analyse and understand the key features of current models and mechanisms for youth engagement in Europe, collect and share successful practices that encourage young people, policymakers, and practitioners to involve the youth perspective in policy-making, create an accessible tool for implementing youth engagement mechanisms, and establish two networks (of young democracy facilitators and young city councillors) to promote citizen participation and democratic engagement at the local and regional levels throughout Europe.


  • DYPALL Network
  • Europiamo, Italy
  • Nordland County Council, Norway
  • SQ Learn, Greece
  • EDYN, Slovakia
  • YEPP Europe, Germany
  • Assembly of European Regions – AER, France


  • 01/12/2023 – 30/11/2025



European Youth Together