Migrant Youth Friendly Cities (MYFC)

The project aims to map and identify good practices on the integration of youth with migrant background, young refugees and young migrants at local level with an integrated approach, that considers different indicators (legal, socioeconomic, and socio-cultural integration) and different stakeholders (local authorities, CSOs, NGOs, youth workers); to develop quality indicators that will allow local authorities to assess the impact of good practice on migrant and refugee integration; to create an instrument (an assessment tool for “Migrant Youth Friendly City”) that enables local authorities together with CSOs, NGOs and youth workers to evaluate their integration policies; to develop guidelines containing the actions that local authorities involved in the project will undertake in order to increase the rate on the “Migrant Youth Friendly City” scale, during and after the period of the project implementation; and to encourage active citizenship of youth with migrant background, young migrants and young refugees, actively involving them in the project, developing their sense of belonging at local level and promoting their participation in decision-making.


  • DYPALL Network, Portugal
  • Portugal African Empowerment Centre, Sweden
  • I.R.T.E.A, Greece
  • Associacion Novisi Elkartea, Spain
  • Municipality of Fyli, Greece


  • 01/11/2021 – 30/10/2023