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Specialized paths of social inclusion

Together with the Regional Center of Support to Non-Governmental Initiatives from Poland (Regionalne Centrum Wspierania Inicjatyw Pozarządowych), we are implementing the project “Specialized paths of social inclusion” which is a part of a bigger programme “I do not emigrate – working here,” which aims to support people at risk of social exclusion or poverty. As

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Youth participatory Budget for Innovative Education in the Orneta Commune – Study Visit in Poland

DYPALL Network together with the Municipality of Cascais were present in the study visit of the project “Youth participatory budget for innovative education in the Orneta commune” which took place from 21st to 24th of January in Ebląg, Poland and was hosted by the organization Forum Animatorów Społecznych. The visit served to support the implementation

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Study Visit “Youthtainability”

The study visit of the KA2 project “Youthtainability” took place in Hungary, from 20th-24th July, with participants from the three project organizations: DYPALL Network, Detská organizácia FÉNIX,o.z (Slovakia) and GYIOT (Hungary). This study visit focused on good and innovative practices of Youth Work in Hungary related to Youth oriented initiatives that foster the sense of

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