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Entrepreneurship and decision-making are essential in a knowledge society, allowing each individual to be able to adapt to the constant changes in the world today. Entrepreneurship Education assumes itself as a very valuable asset in the current education system, providing students with tools essential to meet the challenges of the real world and an ever-changing economy.

Network of Entrepreneurial Schools (NES) is a community of Schools, Municipalities, Local Development Agencies and promoters of entrepreneurship education projects that seeks to improve our educational practices and contribute to the promotion of an entrepreneurial attitude in the school ecosystem.

It was created under a project Network of Entrepreneurial Schools (NES), led by DNA Cascais and supported by a consortium of partners: DYPALL Network (Portugal), Director of Secondary Education in Karditsa (Greece), Scaola Gimnaziala Traian from Craiova (Romania) and Maltas Vidusskola (Latvia).

Are you a municipality, school or organisation interested in entrepreneurial education?

Join the Network of Entrepreneurial Schools for:

  1. Network. Become a part of an international network that will make it possible to share experiences, develop international partnerships and projects based on principles of trust and cooperation.
  2. Knowledge. Integrate a learning community, enabling access to knowledge, practices and programs of entrepreneurship and educational innovation for all school community.
  3. Recognition. have the possibility of greater local and international recognition of the organization/school.
  4. Support. Have the possibility of educational consultancy to support the development of entrepreneurship projects and initiatives

Sharing, Inspiring and Learning is the mindset of NES members.
To join the network, fill in a short questionnaire here or learn more from this short presentation.

You can also learn about the case studies from entrepreneurial schools in Portugal, Romania, Greece and Latvia, or find out about or innovative Scale of reference, which is a self-assessment practical tool that can be used as a reference for schools wishing to understand how they promote innovation and foster an entrepreneurial mindset in the school ecosystem.

This and more to be found on the website and Facebook of the Network of Entrepreneurial Schools.

Network of Entrepreneurial Schools (NES) is a project co-funded by the Erasmus + Programme of European Union, that intends to contribute to promote a culture of innovation and an entrepreneurial spirit in the school community.


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