Quality charter on participatory and inclusive local youth councils

A practical tool which can be used by the local youth council members, youth workers or municipality officers when setting up or improving the local youth council. It provides criteria and indicators for evaluating the local youth council’s fair, meaningful and impactful, and sustainable youth participation in order to make it more inclusive and participatory.

Toolkit for upgrading local youth councils

Set of training modules based on non-formal education, with the aim to provide young people, youth workers and municipality officers with the capacity to build better youth councils (more inclusive, more digital, more impactful)

Toolbox for Democracy

The Democracy Reloading Toolbox is a valuable resource intended to support youth workers, trainers and other educational actors with the tools necessary to improve active citizenship and democracy in local and regional communities. The publication results from compiling existing educational exercises developed by different institutions and educational providers in the field of non-formal education and… Continue reading Toolbox for Democracy

Assessment Tool – Youth Democracy Academy

The Youth Democracy Academy Assessment Tool is specifically designed to be used in conjunction with the Educate for Democracy Toolkit with the support of the board game. It is intended to help assess the effectiveness of the program in achieving the objectives, as well as to identify any areas for improvement.

The Envictionary

The Envictionary represents a dictionary of fundamental concepts related to climate change and sustainability. As the global community faces unprecedented environmental challenges, it is crucial to understand the concepts and terminology that shape our collective response to these issues.

Assessment Tool “Migrant Youth Friendly Cities”

The assessment tool “Migrant Youth Friendly City” is a scale of reference for municipalities to better understand their integration policies, methods and strategies and analyse how they can be changed, improved or maintained to ensure the integration of young migrants, young refugees and youth with migrant background under different indicators (legal, socio-economic, socio-cultural) and their… Continue reading Assessment Tool “Migrant Youth Friendly Cities”