Youth Democracy Academy EU Elections

A long-term project that will focus on the importance of young people’s involvement in decision-making at European level and put a specific focus on first-time voters (aged 17-21) from 12 different EU countries in building imaginary Europe that is closer to its citizens and that is transformed into new participatory democracy where youth is empowered… Continue reading Youth Democracy Academy EU Elections

EUlection play

The project aims to promote inclusive participatory democracy by supporting the involvement of young people most likely to be disengaged with the EU in shaping local and most importantly EU democracy, with a focus on participating in the 2024 EU elections.


The project aims to contribute to a more politically aware, politically-engaged generation by analysing youth knowledge of the European Parliament and the level of political engagement in the territories of the project partners, to familiarize youth with the workings of the European institutions, focusing on the European Parliament, and bring institutions closer to the citizens… Continue reading Youth2EUrope