This project will give an active role to young people from Sweden, Croatia, Serbia, Italy and Portugal in being the influencers of the European project towards their peers, by increasing their understanding of the EU, development of critical thinking and combating fake news. We believe that young people are the key in reaching their peers,… Continue reading #EUInfluencers

Study Session “Youth Democracy Academy”

The focus of the Study session is to equip youth leaders/facilitators with knowledge and skills to implement the “Educate for Democracy” programme which explores the concept of democracy innovatively from local, national, and European perspectives. During the study session, participants will deepen their facilitation skills and get to familiarise themselves with the “Educate for Democracy”… Continue reading Study Session “Youth Democracy Academy”

Youth Democracy Academy Curriculum

With this project, we develop the “Youth Democracy Academy” consisting of “Educate for democracy” training program, a board game supporting the training program and an assessment tool to measure the impact of the program that will enable teachers and youth workers in schools, youth centres and similar spaces to provide youth with the opportunity to… Continue reading Youth Democracy Academy Curriculum


CHLaYdoscope Project aims at supporting the development of Community-based youth leadership (YCLs) through an innovative mentorship and non-formal education program designed and delivered by experienced European Creative Hub Leaders (ECHLs). The main priority the project wants to address: “Promoting active citizenship, young people’s sense of initiative and youth entrepreneurship including social”. Creative Hubs in Europe… Continue reading CHLaYdoscope

European Future Citizens

European Future Citizens aims to encourage young European citizens to develop smarter cities, foster a sense of initiative and entrepreneurship, and engage local communities through challenges. With a gamified approach, the project involves young people solving local challenges to promote digitalisation and sustainability in their cities.