Luca Albertin

Luca, originally from Italy, specialises in graphic design, video production and communication. Beyond his professional expertise, Luca is an avid football enthusiast, a technology aficionado, and a keen explorer of new destinations, passions that imbue his work with creativity and a unique perspective. He is currently supporting enhancing the communication strategies of the network, strengthening… Continue reading Luca Albertin

Samantha Wright

With a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Human Rights and follow-up studies in International Politics and Economics at the University of Bologna, Samantha is currently writing her master’s thesis on Sustainability and the ESG criteria. She has several experiences working with youth as a summer camp animator, coordinator and dance teacher. Her previous experience… Continue reading Samantha Wright

Sofia Vacchi

Originally from Italy, Sofia studied Political, Social and International Sciences at University of Bologna. She was 17 years old when she first lived abroad, holding a scholarship for a year-long exchange program in the USA. For the past 6 years she’s been volunteering in her country, focusing on non-formal education, intercultural learning and civic participation.… Continue reading Sofia Vacchi