Sharing Participation Practices at Local Level: March is Young in Portimão

Periodic Column on #goodpractices at #locallevel from DYPALL Partners.

The Municipality of Portimão is organizing “Young March – Março Jovem” a yearly event dating back 19 years, when the month of March becomes all about youth.

For a full month, the Municipality and its partners create and dedicate spaces for young people to explore different activities, experiment new practices and, of course, have fun! The agenda of the month gets filled with a variety of events and activities from sport, to dance, music, art exhibition, theatre, cinema, but also workshops, debates, experiential sessions like “A day as a lifeguard” and more.
This initiative is offers spaces for youth as well as giving the opportunity for young people to participate in first-person and become part of the programme, through art contexts, dance challenges, sport tournaments,  but also blood donation and more.
With an eye to all sectors of a young person’s life, Março Jovem has a strong multisecctorial approach: it looks at employment with the job fair “Start Work“, it offers free health counselling through the dedicated youth health service, volunteering opportunities, workshops and seminars about education, employment, volunteering, well-being, leisure activities.
On March 8, DYPALL Team facilitated a session about volunteering and youth associations “Help to build – Ajuda a Construir Voluntariado e Associativismo“. Bruno and Sylwia facilitated the workshop with more than 30 young people from the local 8th and 9th grade schools to discuss about volunteering and how helping others changes us and the community where we live.
Read out the full programme (in Portuguese) available in the website of Portimão Municipality. #DYPALL activities are not over during Março Jovem: a surprise is coming up, keep your eyes and ears open!
For more details about this good practice, contact Silvia Pieretto silvia.pieretto[at]
and Ana Lucas, Head of the Youth and Sport Department of Portimã0 at juventude[at]

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