the team

Board of Directors

Bruno António

Executive director

Bruno António graduated in Social Education at the University of the Algarve in Faro, Portugal. During his educational path, he lived abroad, namely in Brazil, India and Scotland. For the past 12 years, Bruno has been actively engaging in international youth work, working as an expert and external consultant for several institutions, such as the European Commission and the Council of Europe. He previously took office as Secretary General of Youth for Exchange and Understanding, as well as Executive Director at ECOS – Cooperativa de Educação, Cooperação e Desenvolvimento.

Aleksandra Maldžiski

Deputy director

Aleksandra, originally from Serbia, has a background in school student activism. She was a Board member of OBESSU (Organising Bureau of School Student Unions), as well as a member of the Working group on Participation and Youth policy mainstreaming and Expert group on youth rights of the European Youth Forum.  She was a trainer on UNICEF’s project for creating Local Youth Action Plans in Serbia. Aleksandra worked as a project manager for several organisations in Serbia and Portugal before joining DYPALL Network. She has a political science and journalism degree from the University of Belgrade.

Carolina Loureiro

Deputy director

From a young age, Carolina was involved in several youth organisations and played different roles, from volunteer to project coordinator. She studied Biotechnology in Aveiro, where she had her first contact in non-formal education. Carolina was a board member of the Portuguese National Youth Council (CNJ) and has been working as trainer for European institutions such as ERYICA. She lived in Finland, where she became more passionate about youth work and youth engagement. Nowadays, she mainly focuses on the mechanism of youth participation, designing youth strategies and policies and empowering young people.

Project management

Antea Pamuković

Project manager

Antea Pamuković has a degree in political science from the University of Zagreb. She is particularly interested in civic participation and democratization. She developed an interest in public policies during her high school days, participating in the European Youth Parliament. She later volunteered in various NGOs, such as the Zagreb Volunteer Center, the Youth Initiative for Human Rights Croatia, and the Friedrich Ebert Foundation. She is currently working as a project manager in the DYPALL Network’s Lisbon office.

Jacques Rousselot

Project manager

Jacques has been deeply involved in volunteering and association work from a young age. During his university years, he took the lead in organizing events aimed at enhancing student development and societal participation. His thesis in Mozambique used the Participatory Rural Appraisal method, laying a solid foundation for his research skills. Transitioning to entrepreneurship, Jacques continued to build his project management expertise while maintaining a strong commitment to volunteer work with local NGOs. He researched youth and migrant issues for the Council of Europe before joining DYPALL Network.

Mafalda Ferreira

Project manager

Mafalda has had a very rich and diverse career path. After her first degree, she dedicated herself to coordinating scientific research projects but soon decided to embrace new areas of work. She dedicated herself to starting her own company, having furthered her experience in project management and implementation even further. She has also collaborated with an international NGO, implementing new work methodologies and was involved in the organisation of large national and international events, as a team coordinator. At DYPALL Network she is mainly involved in creating intellectual content and managing national projects.

Marija Krstevska Taseva

Project manager

Marija, from North Macedonia, has been active in the youth sector since 2010, focusing on non-formal education, advocating for youth in decision-making, and supporting inclusive policies. She was the President of the National Youth Council of Macedonia. Marija has a master’s degree in law from the University of Skopje, and she was a scholarship holder at the Human Rights Advocates Program at Columbia University in New York. She also works as a trainer, facilitator and consultant in the areas of youth participation, human rights, intercultural learning, advocacy, hate speech and hate crimes.

Marta Monteiro

ESC Project manager

Marta Monteiro has a master’s degree in Environmental Engineering from the University of Algarve and she is passionate about sustainability and its integration into youth engagement. She worked at ECOS – Cooperativa de Educação, Cooperação e Desenvolvimento, helping to carry out several projects, where she played a pivotal role in executing numerous impactful projects. She manages all aspects of ESC initiatives, ensuring their success and alignment with the network’s mission to foster youth participation and cooperation across Europe.

Emma Genovese

Project officer

Emma has a bachelor’s degree in International Science, Development, and Cooperation, and she recently took her master’s degree in Political and Public Communication at the University of Turin. In Italy, she had the chance to work with some local associations for young people with the aim of creating new businesses. Her will to discover new cultures and broaden her mind brought her to DYPALL Network, where now she integrated the core team after completing her ESC volunteering project in the communication team.

Susana Godinho

Project officer

Susana has a degree in Psychology from UALG – University of Algarve. While studying, she was one of the founding members of NEPSI (association of psychology students) in Faro. After graduation, she worked at schools and youth-related institutions, deeply engaging in educational contexts. She’s been integral to a study centre for eight years, aiding students aged 6-18, blending her psychology background with academic support to foster young minds’ growth and resilience. Her journey exemplifies a deep commitment to empowering young people, which is why she supports implementing a local youth programme in Portimão.


Maria Avelino

Administration officer

Maria graduated in business management at Instituto Superior Manuel Teixeira Gomes.
After her graduation, she did an internship in accounting for 9 months. She is very passionate about her job and about learning new things, to grow as a person and professionally. Now she’s working at DYPALL Network, as an administrative officer, helping to manage the internal processes.

Image & Communication

António Boto

Image & Communication officer

Antonio, who graduated with a degree in Design & Communication from Instituto Superior Manuel Teixeira Gomes (ISMAT), has blended his dual passions for technology and art into a career in the digital design field. His affection for design processes and strategy shines through his work, enabling him to create compelling visual narratives that resonate with the organization’s projects. At DYPALL Network, António plays a crucial role in developing the visual graphics and communication materials that define the organization’s message, using design to enhance communication and engagement.

International volunteering

Luca Albertin

ESC Volunteer

Luca, originally from Italy, specialises in graphic design, video production and communication. Beyond his professional expertise, Luca is an avid football enthusiast, a technology aficionado, and a keen explorer of new destinations, passions that imbue his work with creativity and a unique perspective. He is currently supporting enhancing the communication strategies of the network, strengthening the network’s outreach and impact.

Samantha Wright

ESC Volunteer

With a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and Human Rights and follow-up studies in International Politics and Economics at the University of Bologna, Samantha is currently writing her master’s thesis on Sustainability and the ESG criteria. She has several experiences working with youth as a summer camp animator, coordinator and dance teacher. Her previous experience as a journalist for a local non-profit newspaper allowed her to collaborate with young political and social activists in the fields of political engagement, international economics and women’s rights.

Sofia Vacchi

Civil Service Volunteer

Originally from Italy, Sofia studied Political, Social and International Sciences at University of Bologna. She was 17 years old when she first lived abroad, holding a scholarship for a year-long exchange program in the USA. For the past 6 years she’s been volunteering in her country, focusing on non-formal education, intercultural learning and civic participation. She did an 8-month long-term ESC project in Latvia, where she was promoting international mobility opportunities. She is currently doing her Civil Service in DYPALL Network’s Lisbon office, supporting in the project management area.