The conflict in Ukraine affects the whole world, changing the life of millions of people for decades. The future is decided now, and we, young people, have the most to lose and least to say.
What can we do as young people?
We can share our ideas, perspectives, concerns, and let them be heard by those in power.
Tell us who you are (name, age, country). Say what you think about the current situation in Ukraine and how it impacts your present and your future!
Share your opinion in a video of a maximum of 1-minute (English or in your native language). Upload it on Instagram under #youth4Ukraine and tag your friends to share their own!
You can also send us a direct message with your name, age, country and a short message you want to share. We will post it!
Take a concrete step forward.
You can say it at the end:  #Youth4Ukraine together we speak louder!
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This initiative is started by the young people from DYPALL Network and aims to gather the voice of young people about the conflict and make it heard by everyone around Europe.