Membership FAQ

What is DYPALL Network?

DYPALL (Developing Youth Participation at Local Level) Network is a European network of over 60 civil society organizations and local authorities from more than 30 countries, that aims to involve young people in decision-making processes at local level, and thus enable municipal and regional authorities to address the needs and interests of youth, engage young people as active actors of problem-solving and increase the level of ownership, commitment and involvement of an important part of our communities.

DYPALL Network has two offices in Portugal, one being the head office in Portimão and the other one being YP Lab in Lisbon, which is a resource and mobility centre within DYPALL Network with a focus on research development and capacity building in the field of local youth participation.

Who is involved in the network?

Youth organizations, NGOs, CSOs and municipalities. DYPALL Network works with them to involve young people in decision-making processes, enabling municipalities and regional authorities to address the needs and interests of youth. We support the work of municipalities, local authorities and youth organizations in engaging youth as an active actor of problem-solving and increasing the level of ownership of young people.

What does DYPALL Network do in practice?

  • Training
  • Research
  • Consultancy

We design training offers for our members and partners on key priority teams, such as:

  • Models of youth participation and decision making;
  • Cooperation with public authorities;
  • Models of youth policies design at local level.

We collaborate with research centres, universities and individual researchers, collecting data to support evidence-based policy. Our priority teams and research teams are collecting best practices for youth participation and decision making at local level, mapping the competencies of local officers to ensure youth participation.

Our consultancy service consists in:

  • Developing of specific focus trainings to our members and partners;
  • Support on youth policy design;
  • Assistance on reestablishment/creation of instruments for youth participation at local level.

What are the priorities of DYPALL Network?

The priorities set for DYPALL Network in the period 2018-2021 are:

  • Provide a unique opportunity to mainstream youth policy development at local level;
  • Raise stakeholder’s awareness of European policy agendas on youth;
  • Enable local stakeholders to reach the European policy cooperation arena and bring their influence to such spaces.

How does one become member of DYPALL Network?

DYPALL Network always welcomes new members to enlarge our network and include even more municipalities and organizations in the activities. As we are an informal network, there is no financial implication in joining. To become member, you need to fill in the online form available at this link.