On this page, you can find the reports from different activities organized by DYPALL Network since 2022, such as training, study visits or partnership-building activities. The reports aim to summarise the new knowledge and tools gathered or created by participants during the activities in short, to the point and visual publication, which is a handy appetizer for anyone who would like to learn more about the topic.


Training “Management Systems of Coworking Spaces for Social Innovation”
The training course “Management systems of coworking spaces for social innovation”, organized by DYPALL Network, took place from 28th November – 4th December 2021 in Lisbon, Portugal.The training was part of the 16-month-long project aiming to exchange good practices and create new ideas for more youth-friendly, impactful coworking spaces that boost social innovation. This project is being implemented by a consortium of 6 partners: DYPALL Network (Portugal), Centrum Rozwoju Inicjatyw Społecznych CRIS (Poland), Sende (Spain), Social City Wien (Austria), HIGGS (Greece), and an international network of coworking spaces Impact Hub.Download
The training which took place on the 20-26 March in Braga, Portugal, contributed to a better understanding of youth workers on how to support the implementation of digital platforms that can enhance youth participation in decision-making processes.

Key topics: EU | Political Participation’