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Training Follow Up! Level up

Between 25th November – 17th December 2020 DYPALL Network conducts an online training “Follow up! Level up,” which is a capacity building activity for youth workers on how to ensure local impact and local engagement of young people taking part in European and international mobilities through effective follow-up strategies. Together, we analyse the barriers that

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Training for online facilitators – bringing non-formal education online

On Friday 30th October we finished our 2-weeks online for online facilitators (19th-30th October). The aim of the training course was to equip 29 facilitators and trainers active within the partner organisations of the GamifyEU collaboration project with the necessary competences to implement online educational activities with young people. The participants of the training had

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Tools for planning facilitated workshops

Creating and facilitating an online workshop can be complicated, especially if you have never done it before. For tis reason, it might be useful to be supported by specific online tools that not only function as resource library, but can also help organize the agenda and share the plan effectively with the team   SessionLab

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