“We A.R” Transnational Project Meeting

DYPALL Network hosted the last Transnational Partner’s Meeting of the “We A.R” project, which took place from 12th – 14th December 2022 in Portimão, Portugal.

Eight participants from 4 different organisations – ICEI (Italy), Cazalla Intercultural (Spain), Teatrikon (Poland) and DYPALL Network (Portugal) – had the chance to come together and discuss the project’s progress and outcomes over the past two years. The meeting started with an opportunity to summarise and evaluate the project results and plan the final intellectual outputs regarding some recommendations for developing strategies in youth organizations and the local community.

On the last day, the participants also had the chance to ideate on potential follow-up activities that could be undertaken. They also designed the guidelines for the final intellectual output and the final dissemination events that will take place at the beginning of 2023.

The Transnational Partner’s Meeting is part of the “We A.R – We Against Rumours” project, which is developed by a consortium of partners: ICEI (Italy), Cazalla Intercultural (Spain), Teatrikon (Poland) and DYPALL Network (Portugal), and funded by the Erasmus + programme and the Spanish National Agency.