The first Transnational Project Meeting (TMP) in person, of the project “We A.R. We Against Rumors” took place in Lorca, Spain on the 28th – 29th of June.

During this meeting, the partners had the opportunity to plan the next steps, confront their ideas and foster new methodologies in order to raise awareness about the topic and implement their first step toward the creation of the MOOC course for youth workers on how to tackle discrimination and stereotypes implementing some specific strategies such as intercultural dialogue and the “Anti Rumors” campaign. The “We A.R. MOOC course” will be available at the beginning of October 2022, and it will be facilitated for the whole month.

The project also includes the second project result, which aims to gather youth perceptions about social and inclusive policies in their local reality and how effective those are. This mapping practice will include also the local NGOs and the results will be reported to the local authorities in a structured dialogue between the actors.

The project coordinated by As. Cazalla Intercultural (Spain), in cooperation with DYPALL Network (Portugal), ICEI (Italy) and Fundacja Teatrikon (Poland), is funded by the Erasmus + programme ad the Spanish National Agency.