Tools for collaborating on virtual whiteboards

If we could identify with one, single object NGOs, CSOs, and more in general youth work around Europe, it would be without any doubt represented by a white board.

White boards are great to brainstorm, develop a project, or even describe graphically an idea or a process.

The following free tools bring collaborative white boards online, so you can collaborate with your colleagues at any time, and picture your future projects together.. without the need for markers.



Besides the regular online whiteboard features of uploading images, creating notes and drawing in different colors and sizes in freehand mode, Miro offers a great template library to conveniently find the right structure you need for your whiteboard. The free version offers up to 3 boards for your team.



Mural is a versatile online whiteboard tool for remote team meetings. It is particularly strong as a team tool, allowing you to create different rooms for your board with differentiated access rights. Besides, it offers a wide range of workshop and meeting templates, including planning, design, issue analysis and idea generation board templates. Unfortunately, Mural does not have a free version, but it extended its free trial period up to 90 days during the COVID outbreak period.



Stormboard focuses on idea generation, organization and prioritization: you can add different type of notes, combine them together, comment in threads and vote on ideas using colored dots. It has a strong reporting functionality that allows to instantly turn your online sticky notes into structured meeting reports. With its MS Office integration, the reports can be collaboratively edited and then shared immediately with meeting participants or key stakeholders. The free version offers 5 boards with maximum 5 collaborators for each.