Feedback on “Get up, Stand up! A training course on democracy and active citizenship in the field of youth work” (May 2017, Germany)

A representative of Associazione Elios, which is a non-profit organization based in Italy and also a member of DYPALL Network, participated in the Training Course “Get up, Stand up!”, which focuses on the topics of active citizenship and democracy from two different points of view: personal and as a youth worker. This course was organized by JUGEND für Europa, the German Agency of Erasmus+.

The training course was designed in order to create the following impact:

  • Better support young people to explore the dimensions of active citizenship in democratic contexts
  • Face ambiguity, complexity and responsibility which come along with being an active member of the society
  • Experience how democracy and peace education works
  • Learn about good practices related to active participation in the field of youth work

The participant from Associazione Elios shared with DYPALL Network that this course allowed the opportunity to “work on action plans for future actions on democracy and/or active citizenship”, as well as have access to a “local good practice: Kinder & Jugendrat [Kijurat], which is the official representation of all youth councils in the North Rhine-Westphalia region. It was explained how the council is working (its roles and dialogue with regional and national institutions), as well as how young people can become a part of it and participate.

Moreover, during the sessions, the participants also worked on “problem trees” in order to identify causes and consequences of two main problems for democratic participation, namely lack of interest and lack of engagement. After this point, the participants “had the possibility of exploring their local realities, ideas and points of view” and also, with the support of the trainers, create personal action plans for future projects and actions.