The Team

Chief Executive Officer

Bruno António graduated in Social Education at the University of the Algarve in Faro, Portugal. During his educational path he lived abroad, namely in Brazil, India and Scotland. For the past 12 years, Bruno has been actively engaging in international youth work, working as an expert and external consultant for several institutions, such as the European Commission and the Council of Europe. He previously took office as Secretary General of Youth for Exchange and Understanding, as well as Executive Director at ECOS – Cooperativa de Educação, Cooperação e Desenvolvimento.

Administrative Officer

She is currently doing a degree in Psychology at Instituto Superior Manuel Teixeira Gomes (ISMAT). In this institute, she is vice-president of NEP (Nucleus Students of Psychology), and previously she was in a professional course of Health by IEFP and later worked in the private health sector.
She  started working shortly in DYPALL, as an administrative officer helping with the management.

Project Manager


From a very young age, Carolina was involved in several associations near Coimbra, where she was born. She studied Biotechnology in Aveiro, where she had her first training in non-formal education. She ended up developing her knowledge in this, becoming a trainer. She has worked in several youth organizations, as a summer camp animator and coordinator and as project manager in different areas such as entrepreneurship. She was National Youth Council board member, responsible for the cultural and innovation field. In 2017, she did her EVS project in Finland, working in a school and in a youth house.

Project Manager / YP LAB Coordinator


Aleksandra, originally from Serbia, has the background in school students’ activism. She was a Board member of OBESSU (Organising Bureau of School Student Unions), as well as a member of Working group on Participation and Youth policy mainstreaming and Expert group on youth rights of the European Youth Forum.  She was a trainer on UNICEF’s project for the creation of Local Youth Action Plans in Serbia. Aleksandra had worked as Project manager in several organisations in Serbia and Portugal before joining DYPALL Network. She has a degree in political science and journalism from the University of Belgrade.



EVS Project Manager



Marta Monteiro master in Environmental engineering, had worked in ECOS – Cooperativa de Educação,Cooperação e Desenvolvimento, helping to carry out some projects, before joining DYPALL Network. She works in Dypall Network as EVS project manager.


Intern / Communication and image


Elena, from Barcelona, graduated in graphic and product design by the University of Barcelona in 2017. One of the four year that took her to complete the degree she went to study in the University Politecnico di Milano.

She has been doing different volunteering services mostly in the social assistance and integration area in Catalonia, France and Italy. She is also part of an organisation called Escambell that organises activities and events for the children.

Currently, she is working in the communication and image part of DYPALL Network as an intern by the program called Becas Faro.


EVS volunteer / Communication and image


Paulina from Poland. She has degree in  landscape architecture. Paulina lives in Portugal since 3 years. Before she was here  as Erasmus+ student in Viana do Castelo and Aveiro now as participant of European Voluntary Service in DYPALL . Paulina use to be  Erasmus+ mentor in her home city in Poland. She helps foreigner students to know the city, university and  local live. She did her internship in London where she grown her skills as an Architect and Graphic Designer. Paulina loves to travel and discover world and herself by it. In DYPALL since  October 2017 working in Image and Commutation.


EVS volunteer


Jesús got his Degree in Law by the University of Santiago de Compostela in 2016. Then, he continued his studies in the University of Deusto, Master in Management of Maritime Companies and Maritime Law. At the same time he participied in a volunteering project in the neighbourhood of Otxarkoaga, teaching literacy to spanish roma people.

He also participied in the Erasmus program in Romenia (Timisoara) and a spanish schoolarship called Sicue in the University of Barcelona.

Currently he is doing his Erasmus Voluntary Service in Portugal (Portimão), energizing a young space called Loja Ponto JÁ, besides other task as a volunteer.


EVS volunteer 


Martin holds a Bachelor Degree in Law by the University of “Cyril and Methody” in Skopje and he is currently taking a Master Degree in Financial Law. He spent the years of studies as a youth activist in Macedonia. Through YEF he was dedicated in strengthening the capacities of the civil society in Macedonia. As participant in numerous debate tournament, conferences and trainings he developed his international experience. Since October 2017 he is a volunteer in Dypall through the EVS program and he provides general assistance.


EVS volunteer


She studied Political Science and International Relations at the University of Istanbul. She had graduated in June 2017. On the other hand, she started to study Sociology at her university as a second major in 2017. She is an EVS volunteer in Portimão. She had been in Portugal for 4 months. She work with youngsters and seniors in Cruz da Parteira. Her job is to find good and useful activities for them. She will stay here until July 2017.



EVS volunteer 


He is human rights activist as well a facilitator-educator for human rights and Genocide remembrance during the Second World War, certificated by Council of Europe and EU Parliament lectures training.

He was living abroad namely east of France and western Slovakia, he loves to travel and make nice landscapes, during the traveling.