Partnership FAQ

What is DYPALL Network?

DYPALL (Developing Youth Participation at Local Level) is a European Network of municipalities  and civil society organisations  whose aim is to involve young people in decision-making processes at local and regional level, as well as to build youth workers and municipality officers’ competences to better engage with young people.

How does DYPALL develops youth participation in decision-making?

The aim of our work is to support professional development and capacity building of local youth officers to better work with young people. This is carried out within the network by building capacities of our members and fostering exchange of good practices and learning from each other.

What does DYPALL do in practice?

DYPALL organises various activities, such as:

  • Annual conference involving partner organisations
  • Study Visits to explore local practices
  • Training courses on the topic of participation of young people, in general, and specific themes (e.g. development of local youth councils, or participation of migrant youth, etc.)
  • Research / collection of best practices

To get a better idea of our activities, take a look at the video of one of DYPALL’s Conferences, which will surely explain better than a thousand words.

How does one become partner of DYPALL?

DYPALL always welcomes new partners to enlarge our network and include even more municipalities and organizations in the activities of the Network. As we are still an informal network, there is no financial implication in joining at the moment, but only the opportunity to develop youth participation-related projects, together with a group of like-minded local authorities and civil society organizations. To become partner, you need to fill in the online form available at this link and then you will receive a link to download the mapping questionnaire for new partners, which helps us get to know you better).

Who are the partners of DYPALL Network and how are they involved in the work of the Network?

We have more than 50 partners from about 30 countries. Partners represent a variety of constituencies so as long as you are interested/active in the field of youth participation in decision-making at local/district/regional level, you can jump on board.

Current partners are engaged in different ways, some are members of the Steering Committee (the body currently orienting and making the Network move and grow), some partners are active in hosting activities (applying for funding and co-organising activities with DYPALL), some only partner up in the trainings and conferences, others contribute to specific events, and some have not yet applied or participated to any event but they stay in the loop. This is also valid for the timeframe of involvement – one can stay on board as long as the Network is relevant to them.

But… is DYPALL an informal network?

Yes, it is. There is the idea to formalize the Network, register it, institute a formal membership process which will also involve paying a fee –  by the end of 2017, as planned. We foresee that different levels of engagement will remain once the Network  becomes formal which implies different types of memberships and fees.