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5th Steering Group Meeting

During the International Conference, the members of the Steering Group (SG) held their fifth meeting between April 12 and 14. They finalized the preparation of the members’ annual meeting, taking place in the upcoming Friday April 15 and reviewed the work plan and priorities for 2016. They reviewed the needs of our members and of the network in general,

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#hearyourvoices : glimpses of the Conference

“I am from the Municipality of Kumanovo (Macedonia), Department for Euro-integration and international cooperation. I came here to the Conference “Youth Policy at Local and Regional level” to share experiences among my municipality, the municipality of Portimão and the other local authorities here present, to exchange knowledge, contacts and create a network. My expectation is

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Starts today the International Conference “Youth Policy at Local and Regional Level”

Portimão receives participants of 17 countries in a 4-day international conference on youth policies. Starting today, the city of Portimão is the host of the international conference “Youth Policy at Local and Regional Level: Developing our territories through youth participation in decision-making”. The initiative, organized by Cooperativa ECOS – Educação, Cooperação e Desenvolvimento, CRL in

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