Steering group

ECOS – Cooperativa de Educação, Cooperação e
Desenvolvimento, CRL (Portugal): Bruno António

AGU – Youth Factory (Turkey): Necmi Turgut

ADYNE – Netherlands: African Diaspora Youth Network
in Europe/ Netherlands: Elie Pierre Kanda

“What DYPALL aims to do is drawing local and regional authorities closer to youth realities, so to offer them more opportunities, and together find sustainable ways to address the problems affecting them. DYPALL’s innovative character stands out in its approach, which brings youth, municipal and regional authorities and civil society together to create an environment of mutual trust and commitment; this way, all youth can positively contribute to make our societies even more prosperous. In this perspective, the participation of organizations like ADYNE Netherlands is crucial, for it ensures that even young people with fewer opportunities, such as migrant youngsters, are being heard, included and have the chance to participate in the local community life.”

CID – Center for Intercultural Dialogue (Macedonia): Milos Ristovski

“The reason why CID wanted to join DYPALL is that we deemed important to share our practices, as well as to learn from other entities about how to engage young people in decision-making processes. The Macedonian youth is currently actively expressing its voice at national level; our goal is to encourage them to start influencing national politics and policies beginning at the local level. The process needs to develop at the grassroots, through their involvement in youth councils, through collaboration with municipalities.  We want DYPALL to be the voice that will transform youth participation into feasible projects and initiatives – a genuine statement to reaffirm that youth can do more than they can imagine.”

For Active Society (Latvia): Iveta Balcune

“For Active Society believes that systematic and effective youth participation at local level  is a guarantee for successful development of local communities. DYPALL is a cooperation platform dealing with European Youth Participation practices based upon municipalities, civil society organisations, youth workers, community leaders, and young people: we support this project because only through the involvement of all those who are in a community can we make meaningful actions for its growth.”